Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Our process to provide the freshest chicken sausage initiates long before the chicken arrives at our facility.  Because of our commitment to provide the healthiest, most wholesome sausage product available, we start with the freshest ingredients from the finest suppliers.



Because we are centrally located to our chicken suppliers, all meat is received within two days of harvest.  Our sausage is simple. We use only three chicken ingredients: whole muscle breast meat, whole muscle thigh meat, and graded breast skin that is carefully vetted to ensure it arrives without blemish and meets our high quality standards. These all-natural components are used both separately and together to provide the wide array of products First Fresh makes available. From our savory Breakfast Chicken Sausage to our inviting Italian Chicken Sausages, these fresh chicken components are carefully blended according to our tested recipes to create the healthiest, best-tasting sausage on the market.


Not only do we focus on fresh chicken, but we also search out the freshest seasonings to achieve the best taste in our chicken sausage. After all, our painstaking efforts to gather the freshest chicken would be wasted if we incorporated seasonings that were not of equal quality and freshness.

As with our chicken suppliers, we carefully select our seasonings providers to bring you the most wholesome sausage possible. We purchase only the most carefully refined oleoresins to ensure the essence of each seasoning is present in our formulation. Our suppliers provide oleoresins that are free of contaminants and are more heat stable than raw spices, resulting a longer shelf life without compromising flavor and consistency.

We purchase each of the following seasonings in small quantities to ensure our ingredients remain fresh throughout their shelf life:

  • Salt
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Rubbing Sage
  • White Peper
  • Coarse Ground Pepper
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Sweet Spanish Paprika
  • Granulated Garlic
  • Dehydrated Onion
  • Habanero Pepper
  • Eggs

Collagen Casings and Their Benefits

As we developed our sausages, it became evident that using traditional casings made from the gut of either pork or sheep would automatically exclude certain segments of society. This consequence was unacceptable and incompatible with our desire to serve one product to all customers.  Additionally, we felt that by using a universally acceptable casing for our chicken sausage, we would inclusively attract consumers concerned with health restrictions or religious limitations, such as Kosher and Halal specifications.  We carefully considered our options and chose the best fit casing for our healthy sausage products – collagen.

Collagen is a very versatile biopolymer with high added-value protein. The importance and special appeal of collagen is its all-natural content, which is readily assimilated by the human body.  From our perspective as a maker of chicken sausage, we chose collagen for the added benefit of increased shelf life and superior product appearance, providing our end user the freshest and most appealing product.

We buy all our casings from vetted, time-tested suppliers, all which produce these casings here in North America.

Although there are other casings available in today’s market place, such as calcium alginate casings, we have not had the necessary time to test these casings’ ability to deliver the quality we demand in our products.  However, with our ever-growing desire to provide innovative products that enhance our customers’ eating experience, we are always testing new technologies and ingredients…. Stay tuned.

The Finished Product

Through our carefully proven process, the First Fresh chicken sausage you find in the fresh poultry section of your grocer is the freshest, healthiest sausage option available today. You’ll note that all our products are naturally gluten-free. Also absent from our chicken sausage are added hormones, preservatives, fillers, nitrates, and MSGs.

Our Products Contain Minimal Allergens

At First Fresh Foods, we maintain clean and understandable labels by removing unnecessary processing aids and ingredients. Along these lines, we have also removed as many allergens as prudence and safety allow. This process allows a larger segment of consumers the opportunity to enjoy our products.

Although we have significantly reduced allergens in our products, there remain a few instances where we use them. To promote the health of our customers, all products considered allergens are stored securely and separately. Additionally, all products containing allergens must be processed separately, followed by a full sanitary wash-down of the equipment. This healthful cleansing renders all allergens inert.

As always, First Fresh Foods follows the strictest guidelines set by the BRC standards. This commitment ensures a complete separation between products with or without allergens. Additionally, our standards require that we maintain an aggressive cleaning regimen that assures hygienic and allergen-free equipment for the benefit of our customers and their health.

Accordingly, you’ll feel good about serving a “Taste for Life” to your family and guests, knowing that you’ve chosen a reliably wholesome centerpiece for each and every meal.