For Distributors

For Distributors

We are committed to delivering only the very finest chicken sausage products with the best ingredients, honoring the age-old traditions of Old World flavor yet respecting the modern demand for wholesome quality. We continue the traditions of the European sausage masters as we remain the trusted brand for delivering premium sausage products.

At First Fresh Foods, we apply our entire product development and process to chicken sausage. This focused effort maintains the highest quality and controlled costs, all of which benefit our end consumer. As a result of our closely monitored process, our customers receive the freshest and best tasting chicken sausage on the market that is also 100 percent gluten free with no artificial fillers or MSG. Likewise, our partners in logistics and delivery operate with equal precision to distribute our fresh sausage across the country in a judicious and cost-effective manner. Our partners work to provide a flexible delivery schedule, and our products are almost always delivered within one week of order placement.

We strive constantly to integrate the latest advances in technology into our production process. Our recently renovated processing arenas are BRC-certified and undergo extensive third party audits to ensure quality. All our products are USDA-inspected and produced using the highest food safety guidelines. Similarly, we engage in comprehensive vetting systems to guarantee the highest degree of quality, wholesomeness, and proper animal welfare treatment from all our suppliers.


This concentration on quality, freshness, and product innovation allows First Fresh Foods to produce a premium sausage that is easily accessible and competitively priced. Remaining true to our chicken sausage niche, we offer a wide variety of options and flavors to meet the growing demand for healthy food alternatives in today’s market.

We are devoted to stimulating the success of all our distribution partners through increased sales. Using proven promotional programs and events, we will work with our partners and distributors to publicize and provide products that customers crave. Contact our sales team today for more information.

Contact our sales team today for more information