First Fresh Foods, Leading Regional Brand of Fresh- to- Market Chicken Sausages and Chicken Products, Undertakes National Expansion

Gainesville, Georgia, June 7, 2016 – First Fresh Foods, a leading regional provider of fresh-to-market chicken sausage and chicken products, is undertaking a national expansion.

The line, which has gained a loyal consumer base in the Southeast through its approach of delivering a healthier alternative to traditional sausage and ready-to-cook chicken products by using traditional European recipes, is delivered fresh to market, never frozen, and is made from 100% whole chicken breast.

First Fresh Foods products are made wholly in the USA from locally raised, cage free chicken. The products have no added hormones, MSG, preservatives, fillers or nitrates, are naturally gluten free and all sausages are made in a collagen casing. Products are ready to cook, and incorporate the freshest spices and cheeses to achieve the full flavored taste of traditional European recipes.

“First Fresh believes that customers shouldn’t have to decide between taste and ‘good- for-you’ when shopping for their families. That’s why we developed a product that delivers the best of both worlds,” said William Jennings, Chief Executive Officer of First Fresh Foods. “ Our mission is a to provide a ‘Taste for Life’ and do so by using premium all white chicken breast meat in all of our products – so much so that it is the first ingredient on our label.”

First Fresh Foods products include:
• Breakfast Sausage with Sage – With 58 percent less fat than pork sausage, this product brings a healthy option to the breakfast table. First Fresh Foods breakfast sausage combines pure chicken breast fillet and savory seasonings for a fresh, nutritious Taste for Life.

• Breakfast Sausage with Maple – Offers same healthy breakfast sausage but with the added flavor of real maple syrup and with 58 percent less fat than pork product alternatives.

• Chicken Bratwurst – With all the traditional spices, but with 78 percent less fat than pork bratwurst, First Fresh Foods Chicken Bratwurst provides all the flavor needed for outdoor grilling functions or traditional bratwurst recipes.

• Mild Italian Chicken Sausage – This new favorite Italian sausage mimics pork in flavor and consistency while adding the nutritious benefits of all white breast meat. First Fresh Foods Italian sausage combines the renowned Old World seasonings of Europe with healthy, farm fresh ingredients for all the taste and 78 percent less fat.

• Hot Italian Chicken Sausage – The Italian Chicken Sausage with an extra kick of hot spices. First Fresh Foods Italian sausage combines the renowned Old World seasonings of Europe with healthy, farm fresh ingredients for all the taste and 78 percent less fat.

• Chicken Sausage (Dinner Sausage) – When the recipe calls for sausage, First Fresh Foods offers a healthy alternative. With 78 percent less fat than comparable pork products, its lean and natural chicken sausage is a healthy option with all the same savory flavorings your family fancies. Great for grilling.

• Chicken Sausage with Habanero Cheese- First Fresh Foods chicken sausage with a bite of Habanero cheese for some added spice to healthy eating.

• Chicken Sausage with Havarti Cheese – Maintain a healthy menu choice with chicken sausage blended carefully with sweet, buttery Havarti cheese.

• Ground Italian Chicken – First Fresh Foods coarsely ground chicken sausage in a tray with savory seasonings for a healthy alternative for your recipes.

• Ground Hot Italian Chicken Sausage – First Fresh Foods Hot Italian chicken sausage in a tray brings a spicy sizzle along with the added benefit of lean, healthy breast meat containing 78 percent less fat than hot Italian pork sausage.

• Filet Cutlet – First Fresh Foods traditional chicken cutlet is satisfying enough on its own to serve as a quick snack or lunch, yet it is versatile enough to serve as the base for an entire meal.

• Home-Style Cutlet – First Fresh Foods full flavor white breast meat cutlet that is savory and always ready to help make life easier in the kitchen.

• Cutlet with Habanero Cheese – Habanero cheese adds a zesty punch to First Fresh Food’s traditional chicken cutlet.

• Cutlet with Havarti Cheese – Havarti cheese adds a creamy experience to First Fresh Food’s traditional chicken cutlet.

• Chicken Balls – Keep the taste and flavor of meatballs, but make the healthy switch to First Fresh Foods chicken balls for a wholesome alternative for your recipes.

• Golden Medallion Chicken Tenders – All natural Golden Medallion tenders add a touch of cheese and the lightest breading. As always, First Fresh Food’s chicken tenders are purely made from all white chicken breast meat for a focus on wholesome quality and flavorful satisfaction.

• Halal Products – all First Fresh Foods sausage and cutlet products above are also made according to halal requirements. Simply check the product’s label for the halal designation.

“We see tremendous growth opportunities in the chicken sausage category among Millennials as they prefer products made with poultry that are locally sourced and come in unique or gourmet flavors,” continued Jennings. “This, of course, is also true of moms shopping for healthy meals for their families and Baby Boomers who are watching their cholesterol. The offering of a brand such as First Fresh Foods that delivers on this need signals to consumers that their local market understands their desire to eat healthy, but also to eat well.”

First Fresh Foods products can currently be found at Publix throughout the Southeast in the fresh meat case.

First Fresh Foods is managed by an experienced leadership team led by Jennings and Alan Habegger. Habegger is the Vice-Chairman at First Fresh Foods, and has more than 50 years of experience in the poultry industry garnered at various management and executive positions where he focused on operations, retail marketing and corporate administration. Jennings has more than 25 years of experience in the food industry where his aptitude for visionary leadership and corporate strategy have led to successes in developing productive environments and strengthened corporate communities.