First Fresh Foods Launches Product Sampling for Two New Chicken Sausage Products

“At First Fresh Foods, we have a ‘Taste For Life,’ which encompasses not just healthy and delicious food, but a lifestyle of wholesome wellness,” says recently appointed CEO William Jennings. “These products contain all the taste and savory flavors of Old World recipes, and I believe they will be welcomed in kitchens across the country as a new, healthy alternative to pork sausage.”

Never frozen, First Fresh Foods chicken sausage may be found in the fresh poultry section of your local Publix.

Health Benefits:

Health-conscious consumers will value the low fat and high quality found in these new sausages. Using only whole muscle white and dark meat, the First Fresh Foods Breakfast Sausage contains 58 percent less fat than the comparable pork breakfast sausage; and the First Fresh Foods Italian Sausage contains 78 percent less fat than pork Italian sausage. Combining the freshest chicken and its carefully honed process, First Fresh Foods produces chicken sausage with the longest shelf life of any comparable product.

All these factors weigh heavily in First Fresh Foods’ “Taste For Life” motto, which reflects the company’s ethos of living a full life through healthy food, an active lifestyle, and an enjoyment of the community shared with family and friends.