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First Fresh Chicken Croquettes

First Fresh Foods, a southeast regional provider of fresh-to-market chicken products, is expanding its offerings with three flavors of Chicken Croquettes. The refrigerated gluten-free breaded chicken products come in Home Style, Havarti Cheese and Habanero Cheese varieties. The serving size is one croquette, which contains 15 grams of protein. The suggested retail price for a pack of four is $4.49. All First Fresh Foods products are delivered fresh-to-market, never frozen, and are made from 100 percent whole chicken breast with a shelf life of 13 to 15 days. The meat comes from locally raised, cage-free chickens.

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CEO William Jennings Comments in Food Navigator US for the 2017 Trends

William Jennings, CEO, First Fresh Foods: Staying on top of regulations

William Jennings, First Fresh Foods: First Fresh Foods promotes clean labels and natural products, we have to continually stay on top of the regulations to make sure we are at the cutting edge of the market. This not only impacts us, but also our supply chain and can impact the consumer if the USDA gets behind on approvals for new labels to meet with the changing legislation. […]

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Today’s Grocer | First Fresh Foods Debuts New Chicken Croquettes

See the original article on page 6 in Today’s Grocer.

First Fresh Foods, a leading regional provider of fresh-to-market chicken sausage and chicken products, is expanding its fresh-to-market offerings to include three new flavors of Chicken Croquettes appearing in refrigerated meat sections of grocery stores this fall.

The Chicken Croquettes are available in three breaded varieties; Home Style, Havarti Cheese and Habanero Cheese. All three varieties offer consumers a breaded product that is gluten free. The serving size is one croquette with 15 grams of protein. The suggested retail price is $4.49. […]

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Recalculating the Value Proposition

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Drawing on 27 years of dedicated experience in the food industry, William Jennings leads First Fresh Foods as CEO.

The consumer view of the value proposition was at one time fairly simple and straightforward: “Is the product quality and quantity equal to or greater than the price I am paying for it?”

But with the advent of healthy eating, socially conscious brands and more recently niche, artisanal products that have found a national audience online, that equation has grown much more complex. […]

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First Fresh in Store Brands Magazine

First Fresh was recently featured in the August edition of Store Brands Magazine. Click here to read the magazine online. See First Fresh on pages 22 to 23.

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Products, not experience, drive Millennials to online shopping

By William Jennings for Super Market News

It’s easy to make the assumption that the reason why Millennials are gravitating to online grocery is because they are accustomed to and favor the ease of e-commerce over shopping in store. Remember, this is the demographic that launched and grew social media by posting pictures of their dinners. But there are other factors at play.


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First Fresh Foods CEO: Chicken sausage category sales boost as number of health­conscious consumers rise

By Adi Menayang for Food Navigator USA

There’s a growing demand for lean protein, and according to CEO of First Fresh Foods, consumers are increasingly looking at value­-added chicken products to mix up the meat in family meals.

Sold at Publix in Alabama, The Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia, where the 3­-year-­old company is based, the brand is readying itself for wider distribution after success in the region.

“[When] we started doing our research, talking to the buyers and the marketplace consumers, we found two things are working in our favor; Generation X and Y grew up with a lot of chicken,” William Jennings, CEO of Georgia-­based First Fresh Foods , told FoodNavigator­-USA about the company’s success so far. “Second, the Baby Boomers, because of certain health reasons, have to move away from certain meats, and gravitate to others,” such as poultry.

Jennings criticized past chicken sausages on the market as subpar, so the founders of First Fresh Foods, including Alan Habbeger, wanted to create something “with a bite and flavor” that would compete with the more abundant pork sausage on the market.  […]

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Georgia’s First Fresh Foods Eyeing National Expansion


Gainesville, Georgia-based First Fresh Foods, a provider of fresh-to-market chicken sausage and chicken products, says it is looking to expand nationally after developing its customer base in the Southeast.

First Fresh products are positioned as alternatives to traditional sausage and ready-to-cook chicken products. They are made according to traditional European recipes using 100 percent whole chicken breast. The products are delivered fresh to market, never frozen. In addition, they are made wholly in the U.S. from locally raised, cage-free chicken. The products have no added hormones, MSG, preservatives, fillers or nitrates, are naturally gluten free and all sausages are made in a collagen casing.


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Gluten-Free Review: First Fresh Chicken Sausage Brings The Flavor & Half The Fat

First Fresh Chicken Sausage Review

By Jennifer Harris for Gwinnett Gluten-Free Food Examiner

Samples of locally grown and made chicken sausage from First Fresh Foods in Gainesville arrived at my home at just the right time. My family has been cutting back on red meat and was really missing pork sausage. Now that we have tried their flavorful chicken sausage with seasonings you can actually see, we aren’t missing pork sausage at all.


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