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Chicken Sausage

When it comes to the food you serve your loved ones, we know your primary concern is wholesome goodness for your family. Because the driving value behind our company is integrity, you can rest assured that each of the 16 varieties of First Fresh Food sausages you serve meet not just our standards, but yours as well.

Like you, we are committed to bringing your family fresh and healthful meals. This means our chicken sausages are made wholly in the USA from locally raised, cage-free chicken. Never frozen, our sausages are carefully crafted using only the freshest spices and cheeses to achieve the full flavored taste of traditional European recipes. A glance at our short list of ingredients details the effort made to fill our sausages with only the finest and freshest components. As such, you’ll find no added hormones, MSG, or gluten in our products – just the simplicity of fresh chicken and delicious seasonings.

These premium ingredients are a vital part of what we at First Fresh Foods call our “Taste for Life.” This motto represents much more than the delicious flavors of our healthful chicken sausages. It encompasses our passion for satisfying foods, an active lifestyle, and an enjoyment of community. All these intangible components are included with the refined ingredients that make up the fresh fare we bring to you.

Our freshness is no secret. First Fresh Foods is nestled near the banks of naturally-fed Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA, the “Birthplace of the Modern Poultry Industry” and “Poultry Capital of the World.” This location places our facility central to our suppliers, mere miles from the farms that raise our tender, natural chicken. Our newly expanded USDA-approved and BRC certified headquarters provides the perfect location to receive healthy chickens from our local suppliers and then deliver the freshest sausage to your neighborhood grocer for wholesome goodness you can taste.