Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Just as you love exceptional taste in healthy sausage, we appreciate the finest sausage recipes handed down through the Old World customs of European sausage makers. Respecting the customs of this heritage, First Fresh Foods adds the advances of modern practices using only healthy, locally grown chicken. The result is an impeccable “Taste for Life” that we share with you.

Containing no remnants or fillers, our sausages are purely made of lean, whole muscle. We coarsely grind the muscle and add our savory seasonings to match the consistency and taste of the world’s best sausage traditions. The result is wholly delicious, never frozen sausage that contains 58 and 78 percent less fat than comparable pork sausage products.

Consistent with our pursuit of product integrity, our sausages have no added hormones and are guaranteed free of MSG. Additionally, our products contain no preservatives, fillers, or nitrates for the healthiest sausage choice. Our recently renovated processing arenas are BRC certified and pass demanding third party audits to ensure our record of food safety and hygiene is maintained. First Fresh sausages are also gluten-free, helping millions of American families serve wholesome and delicious meals for those desiring or requiring special dietary needs.

At First Fresh Foods, one of our values is helping one another. We take this purpose seriously, but not just within the walls of our facility. We strive for strong partnerships with transportation, distribution, and ultimately with you, our customer, as you share our sausages with your family and friends.

Let us help you achieve your nutritional goals for your family by making the switch from unhealthy pork and unsatisfying turkey sausage to our succulent chicken sausage. We invite you to join our community with a zeal for First Fresh Foods sausage and a renewed “Taste for Life.” As with all fresh chicken products, our sausages can be found in the fresh meat section of your neighborhood supermarket.